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Katja Adomeit has worked in the film industry in New Zealand, Germany and Denmark. After working with Zentropa for 6 years she has just opened her own company ADOMEIT FILM.

Katja has produced the short film LARS & PETER, selected in official competition at Cannes FF 2009 and BERIK, which was awarded the Grand Prix Award at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes 2010. 

At the moment Katja is in postproduction with the feature film THE WEIGHT OF ELEPHANTS, by Daniel Joseph Borgman, which is developed with Cannes Cinefondation Residence. 

Katja is developing projects with director Behrouz Bigdeli and Anna Eborn.




Little Night Hunter,19 min, Denmark/Bhutan





LITTLE NIGHT HUNTER, 19 min, Denmark/Bhutan


“THE WEIGHT OF ELEPHANTS”,  +75 min, Denmark/New Zealand, developed with CANNES CINEFONDATION RESIDENCY

Status: Postproduction, Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman



Status: Treatment, Writer/Director: Behrouz Bigdeli


“LONG MAY YOU RUN”, documentary, 25 min

Status: Production, Writer/Director: Anna Eborn


“BRAINY”, 2011, 25 min, Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman

Leopards of tomorrow Locarno FF, Buster, CPH PIX, Melbourne FF, Edinburgh FF


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, 2011, 20 min, Denmark,

Writer/Director: Jenle Hallund


“BABA”, 2010, documentary, 30 min, Writer/Director: Anna Eborn

GOTHENBURG FF, Nordisk Panorama 2011


“BERIK”, 2010, 15 min, Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman

Semaine De La Critique Cannes 2010 (Grand Prix Winner), Odense IFF, Melbourne IFF, Demascus IFF, Beruit, Lebanon, Sao Paulo, Brazil, BUSTER (Special Mention), Bucharest, Kosova, Dokufest, Nordisk Panorama, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Prague, Ghent  Flanders Int. Film Festival 2010, Encounters International Film Festival – Bristol, UK, Film Stationen, Copenhagen, Stockholm International Film Festival, Dokufest Prizren, Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage 2010, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2010, Bratislava International Film Festival, Brest, Festival Européen du Film Court etc…


“BEHAVIOUR”, 2009, 19 min, Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman

Festivals: Palm Springs FF, Edinburgh FF


“LARS & PETER”,  2009, 15 min, Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman

Cannes Film Festival 2009, Giffoni Film Festival 2009, NZ international Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Nordisk Panorama, CPH Short Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, La Boca De Lobo, Madrid, Flickerfest International Film Festival 2010, IFF Molodist i Kiev etc…


“THE MAN & THE ALBATROSS”, 2008, 24 min, Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman

Leopards of Tomorrow, Locarno, Short Cuts Cologne, Perth International Film Festival, Odense Kortfilmfestival 




HUMANIA, +75 documentary, 

Status: Treatment & Development, Director: Frida Kempff, Producer: David Herdies