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P.D. Løvs Allé 2, 3., TV, 2200 København N
(+45) 61 30 80 02

Through the program at Super16, I’ve been challenged as a writer and director. It’s been a very inspirational process. My first film, “Angels in the Snow”, was inspired by experiences my brother and I had losing our father. In my second film, “Words”, I took a more distanced look at an author and his responsibilities as an artist, and in the latest film, “The Prank”, I’ve returned to personal experiences as a child growing up in a remote village. What keeps me making films is the thrill of bringing words to live.



Super16 filmografi 


2012 “Drengestreger” /The Prank, 14 min. Fiction. 

2011 ”ORD” /Words, 15 min. Fiction. 1st prize as best international short, Raindance, 2011.

2010 ”Engle i Sneen” /Angels in the Snow, 25. min. Fiction. 




2007 ”On/Off”, 12 min. Experimental.

2006 ”Love/Rewind”, 9 min. Experimental, 1st prize, Best Experimental, Crested Butte Reel Fest, Colorado, 2007. Jury’s Honorable Mention, Utah Arts Festival, 2007.

2005 ”C 230”, 4 min. 1st prize Videomarathon, 2005. 

2006 ”Den gamle mand og søen” /The Old man and the Lake, 12 min. Documentary shot in Malawi. 

2005 ”Burkina Bawfora – Burkina Greets You”, 12 min. Documentary shot in Burkina Faso.