Super16 is an independent film school run as an association of young filmmakers, based at Nordisk Film in Valby, Copenhagen. The name refers to the format, Super 16mm but it also to the composition of each class with 6 directors, 6 producers and 4 screenwriters.

Super16 was formed in 1999 and added screenwriting to its concept in 2011. Membership in the association is for 3 years and includes professional instruction organized by the members themselves. There are no leaders and there is no administration; we run the association ourselves.

The goal of Super16 is to strengthen and develop our talents through coursework and collaboration with the established film industry. As well as making films, we use our shared network and knowledge to develop the association and ourselves.

We host a steady of flow guest teachers. Every year, we host a public premiere of our films open to both the industry and the general public. The premieres are always well visited and draw a lot of attention in the industry and in the press. Many Super16 productions get selected onto national and international festivals.

The films are collaborative, pairing a director, a producer and a screenwriter for a total of 6 films per year. We receive no public funding, but rely on generous help from the Danish film industry, including Nordisk Film Fonden, Det Obelske Familiefonden, Filmkopi, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, The Danish Film Institute etc.

Every other year, Super16 admits a new class of producers, directors and screenwriters based on written applications, former productions and interviews. Each new class collectively shape the association according to their own needs and wishes.